John Ringling
-American businessman

John Nicholas Ringling (May 31, 1866 – December 2, 1936) is the best known of the seven Ringling siblings, five of whom merged the Barnum & Bailey Circus with their own Ringling Bros World’s Greatest Shows to create a virtual monopoly of traveling circuses and helped shape the circus into what it is today. In addition to owning and managing many of the largest circuses in the United States, he was also a rancher, a real estate developer and art collector.He was inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame in 1987.

DEATH: John Ringling died on December 2, 1936 in New York City. He was the last Ringling brother to die, as well as the longest lived of the Ringling brothers, as well as the only brother to reach their 70s. Once one of the world’s wealthiest men, he died with only $311 in the bank. At his death, he willed his Sarasota mansion, the museum, and his entire art collection to the state of Florida.


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