Jack Swigert (aged 51)
-NASA Astronaut, Pilot (Apollo 13)

John Leonard “Jack” Swigert Jr. (August 30, 1931 ā€“ December 27, 1982) was an American test pilot, mechanical and aerospace engineer, United States Air Force pilot, and NASA astronaut. He was one of twenty-four astronauts who have flown to the Moon.

DEATH: In 1982, during his political campaign, Swigert developed a malignant tumor in his right nasal passage. He underwent surgery, but the cancer spread to his bone marrow and lungs.Seven weeks after the election, he was airlifted on December 19 from his home in Littleton to Georgetown University Hospitalin Washington, D.C., and died of respiratory failure at its Lombardi Cancer Center on December 27, seven days before the beginning of his congressional term. He was 51. He is buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.



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