DEAD: Adele Astaire


Adele Astaire (aged 84)
-American dancer and entertainer (sister of Fred Astaire)

Adele Astaire, Lady Charles Cavendish (born Adele Marie Austerlitz; September 10, 1896 – January 25, 1981), was an American dancer, stage actress and singer. After beginning work as a dancer and vaudeville performer at the age of eight, Astaire built a successful performance career with her younger brother, Fred Astaire. The brother and sister act initially worked their way on vaudeville circuits, finally achieving a breakthrough with their first Broadway roles in 1917, when Astaire was 21 and her brother was 18. Astaire became famous for her talents as a skilled dancer and comedian, later starring in the early Gershwin musicals Lady, Be Good!, and Funny Face.

DEATH: Astaire died on January 25, 1981, in Scottsdale Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale, Arizona, after suffering a stroke. She was 84. Some of her ashes were scattered in Ireland, by Lismore Castle and the graves of her children and first husband, while the rest were buried by her mother Ann Astaire’s grave in Chatsworth, California.


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