DEAD: Black Donnellys


Black Donnellys

Murderes Canadian family

The “Black” Donnellys were an Irish family who emigrated to Ontario. Five of the family were murdered by an armed mob in the township of Lucan Biddulph in February 1880 and their farm was burned down, the culmination of long-standing conflict between the family and other residents. No one was convicted of the murders, despite two trials.

James Donnelly – father of the family (March 7, 1816 – February 4, 1880)

Johannah Donnelly – (née Magee, or MacGee), mother of the children (September 22, 1823 – February 4, 1880)

John Donnelly – son, the first child born in Biddulph (September 16, 1847 – February 4, 1880)

Thomas Donnelly – youngest son (August 30, 1854 – February 4, 1880)

Bridget Donnelly – James Sr’s niece from Ireland (May 1, 1858 – February 4, 1880)


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