DEAD: Barney Roos


Barney Roos (ages 72)

American engineer (designer of the original Jeep)

Delmar Gerle “Barney” Roos (11 October 1888 – 13 February 1960) was an American automotive engineer who served as Studebaker’s head of engineering from 1926 to 1936, specialising in straight-eight engines. He later worked for the British Rootes Group in the design of Humber, Hillman and Sunbeam Talbot cars. Before World War II, he returned to the United States, where he co-designed the Willys MB, the original Jeep.

DEATH: On 12 February 1960, Roos was returning by train from a meeting in Reading, Pennsylvania, to his home in Bronxville, New York, when he fell ill. He disembarked at Philadelphia and was admitted to Temple University Hospital. He died there the next day, at the age of 71.


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