DEAD: Johan van Hulst


Johan van Hulst (aged 107)
Righteous Among the Nations

Johan Willem van Hulst (28 January 1911 – 22 March 2018) was a Dutch school director, university professor, author and politician. In 1943, with the help of the Dutch resistance and students of the nearby University of Amsterdam, he was instrumental in saving over 600 Jewish children from the nursery of the Hollandsche Schouwburg who were destined for deportation to Nazi concentration camps. For his humanitarian actions he received the Yad Vashemdistinction Righteous Among the Nations from the State of Israel in 1973.

DEATH: On 22 March 2018, Van Hulst died at the age of 107. Amsterdam’s bridge number 233 was dedicated to Van Hulst shortly after his death. The Johan van Hulstbrug is located in the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam-Centrum, near the school he managed. U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra stated after Van Hulst died: “Mister Van Hulst is truly an inspiration for how one person can make a real difference, even in the darkest of times.” The Senate of the Netherlands commemorated Mr. Van Hulst in its plenary session of 17 April 2018.


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