DEAD: Susan Blow


Susan Blow (aged 72)
“Mother of the Kindergarten”

Susan Elizabeth Blow (June 7, 1843 – March 27, 1916) was an American educator who opened the first successful public Kindergarten in the United States. She was known as the “Mother of the Kindergarten.”

DEATH: She died in March 1916 in New York City. Most references state she died on March 26, but her tombstone at Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis declares she died on March 27. At the time of her death, the St. Louis Globe-Democrat wrote, “A great commander is gone, but the soldiers will go marching on.” In April 1916, St. Louis celebrated Susan with a meeting of the Susan E. Blow Froebel League and a memorial fund was set up in her name to sponsor lectures. The organization did not last long, as many of Blow’s ideas were German in origin and the United States entered World War I the following year. An early public elementary school in the Carondolet neighborhood of St. Louis was named for her father. Formerly known as Blow Elementary, it is today named the Lyon Academy at Blow.


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