DEAD: Pete Farndon


Pete Farndon (aged 30)
British musician

Peter Granville Farndon (12 June 1952 – 14 April 1983) was an English bassist and founding member of the rock band the Pretenders. Farndon attended Hereford Cathedral School in his home city of Hereford, before embarking on his musical career with the Pretenders. In addition to playing bass with the group, Farndon sang backup vocals and co-wrote two of the group’s songs (“The Wait” and “Space Invader”), before a drug problem resulted in his being dismissed from the group on 14 June 1982.

DEATH: On 14 April 1983, at the age of 30, Farndon’s wife, Conover Kennard, found him drowned in the bath tub at his home in London, having lost consciousness after overdosing on heroin. He is buried at St. Peter’s Church, Withington, Herefordshire, England.

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