DEAD: Sam Bass


Sam Bass (aged 27)
American Old West outlaw

Sam Bass (July 21, 1851 ‒ July 21, 1878) was a 19th-century American Old West train robber, and outlaw. He was part of a gang that robbed a train of $60,000. He died as a result of wounds sustained in a gun battle with Texas Rangers.

DEATH: Bass was later found lying in a pasture west of Round Rock by Williamson County Deputy James Milton Tucker. More specifically, Bass had to call out to the posse as they were in fact about to ride by him, shouting, “Hey I’m over here. I’m Sam Bass, the one you are looking for.” He was taken into custody and died the next day on July 21, 1878, his 27th birthday. Bass was buried in Round Rock in what is now known as Round Rock Cemetery. His grave is now marked with a replacement headstone—as the original suffered at the hands of souvenir collectors over the years. What remains of the original stone is on display at the Round Rock Public Library.


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